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As Creative, Flexible & Affordable Web Designer I create Websites, that help you drive sales and brand exposure

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Best Small Business Web Designer & Illustrator

My name is Andy Bittner. As a website designer for small business and e-commerce web designer I build results-driven websites that perform — helping you drive sales and brand exposure.

As web designer for small business and e-commerce web designer, I deliver web experiences that put brands in the digital spotlight. Key to my success is my ability to create attention-grabbing UX designs that inspire site visitors to take action.

In my free time, I’m a travel junkie, pet lover, DIVI theme expert, and aspiring digital nomad..

My Services as
WordPress Freelancer

WordPress Webdesign

Go beyond run-of-the-mill visuals. As a website designer for small businesses & craftsmen, I can incorporate head-turning visuals into UX designs. This results in WordPress websites that are beautiful, edgy, and easy to navigateIncrease the conversion of your website or e-commerce store with a UX design that inspires visitors to take action. Work with me to leverage consumer psychology in your favor, and use expert A/B split testing to hit your conversion rate optimization goals.

Website Strategy

As WordPress Freelancer with focus on strategy, all websites I create are perfectly integrated in the company’s strategy and fulfill their specific role to reach the company’s goals (e.g. generate new customers). To be able to do that, I have to get to know your company. It is essential to analyze the target audience, define who the new website should target and which features are needed, before creating the design. Should the website just be a digital business card, generate phone calls, generate requests with a contact form or generate sales?


After defining your target audience, the goals of the new website and all needed features, I will create the wireframes. These will build the rough structure for the new website and will show the arrangement and layout of text, images, call-to-actions and other content of the website. Hereby it is important to note, that the wireframes do not include the defined colors, fonts, images or final content, but dummy content.

Responsive Design

After your confirmation of the wireframes I will start to integrate the defined colors, fonts and content like images and texts, if already finished. Otherwise I will continue with dummy content and finalize the custom design for your new website. When working with me, you will get a website, that is optimized for all common screen sizes. This increases conversions and is essential for good ranking on Google!

WordPress Development

As well as a web designer for small business, I’m a Divi theme expert. Pair Divi’s popular page builder with my custom coding expertise. In return, take delivery of a lightning-fast website or online store, complete with fantastic visuals, interactivity, and ease of use. I am developing all websites with unique custom WordPress Themes that include all needed features. Leverage your search exposure with out-of-the-box responsiveness, SEO-friendly UX design, and content marketing support. (Elementor and WPBakery on request)

Custom WordPress Development

If you choose custom WordPress development, then the new website will be created from scratch to your individual needs. This will include specific design for your target audience and special features, that are not included within any templates.

Template Customization

Besides individual WordPress development, where the new website will be perfectly defined, designed and developed to your custom needs and goals, I also offer template customization for lower budgets and timelines. I have a outstanding collection of templates, which can be customized to your needs and goals and no website will look the same!

Support & Hosting

Slow page load times leave websites skulking by the SEO sidelines. Optimize your site for faster performance by investing in fast, yet affordable managed WordPress hosting. Benefit at the same time from custom support, including automatic plugin updates.

How I Work

1. Strategy

As a website designer for wordpress, I create compelling, bespoke websites, that tell your brand story. It’s not just about sales. 81% of consumers research brands online, before making online and offline purchases. To be able to tell your brand story, it is vital that I understand what distinguishes you from your competitors

2. Design

Responsive layouts and UX & UI designs are integral in 2020. Over 51% of all web searches take place on mobile devices. As a website designer for WordPress & e-commerce web designer, I, therefore, create mobile-friendly user experiences. I help launch websites that fluidly adapt to different browsing landscapes. 

3. WordPress Development

As a Divi theme expert, I use Divi to create standout landing pages and e-commerce storefronts. In every case, I create unique custom themes featuring bleeding-edge style. This helps leverage websites visually. Using Divi also means that your business can easily update content independently at a later date.

4. Optimization

I offer post-launch conversion optimization support. Using heatmaps, I help identify why site visitors aren’t converting. Working with you, I can also create new landing and product pages to split test alongside your existing content. This helps maximize conversions and ensure the long-term viability of your business.

Hire An Affordable E-Commerce & Website Designer For Small Business Who Cares

As a solopreneur myself, I know the challenges startups face when it comes to garnering attention online. This is why when you work with me, you work with a freelance web designer and developer who is just as passionate about your business success as you are.

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As a veteran website designer for small business and e-commerce web designer, I offer conversion-centric web design services that get results.

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