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The challenge was to create a new website for the Top Hair Salon, that contains all important content for the customers, but will also rank amazing on Google, to increase revenue and customer satisfaction. In addition to that it should be possible to make hairstyle appointments on the website to make it more efficient for the customer and the team of Top Hair Salon.

Web Design

At first we decided which modules will be needed and how the website should fit into the customer-journey. I then created a web design, that contains a good amount of pictures of the Top Hair Salon team and the interior of the salon, to provide the professional and relaxing flair of the salon. It also contains a price-list of all services, a short welcome video of the team, as well as testimonials of clients and a contact form, which makes it possible to book a hairstyle appointment online. The colors are simple but elegant and convey professionalism.


The website should provide the emotions and relaxation, that the customer will find in the hair salon. Furthermore the website should bring new clients and also provide important information to existing customers. Those informations are the price-list and the contact form to book appointments online. The website also contains a section about the featured products, that can be purchased directly on the website, so the customer can always get the desired products easily shipped.  


  • Header with Elevator-Pitch and Call-to-Action
  • Image gallery of salon and team 
  • Price-list
  • Introduction-video
  • Product shop
  • Contact form for appointments
  • Content-strategy and Search-Engine-Optimization

Custom WordPress Theme Development

The website is developed with a Divi custom theme perfectly customized for the client and his needs. The advantages of Divi are,  pixel-perfect design, fast development, great optimization possibilities with A/B-testing and an amazing and easy backend for every customer, even without any experience of WordPress or other website backends. The backend is designed to allow the customer to easily login and edit every page or post, with the customized visual builder. That means that you can view the live website with access to every text-field and edit the text and immediately seeing the change and possibility to push it to live with one click. No more abstract code editing in text-editors in the backend without knowing how it will look and no need to open an extra preview as you are writing into the visual website builder. No fear to break any design or structure as these actions are locked and only content can be edited. In addition new pages and posts can be build with the user-friendly drag and drop page builder with custom blocks! Everything designed and developed for your custom needs with your own development version of your website to freely edit your design before pushing it to live (only in a custom support & hosting plan)! Sounds interesting to you? Learn how I work

Proven Results

After launching the website, we started to connect the website to Google Search Console and Google Analytics, build serious backlinks and I am constantly watching the Google rankings of the website with Mangools (Online-Tool for SEO). The website started to rank for the first keywords after some weeks already. Traffic via Google increased as well as the conversion rate. This means that Top Hair Salon gets more appointments and increased their revenue.


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