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Project Info


Create a converting website for a personal trainer, fitting the brand colors and style of his instagram branding and include a new logo. The website should contain an optimal content strategy for ideal search engine optimization and contain a shop to sell customized workout plans, nutrition plans and personal coaching.


Personal trainer optimized website that contains a converting landing page, blog and shop. To help the front page conversion, we implemented a meaningful header with call to action that should drag the user deeper into the website. In addition to that we created a contact form. The content strategy contains of a regularly posted blog, keyword optimized content pages and a freebie that can be downloaded in exchange for the email address of the user. Furthermore I included a simple WooCommerce shop to sell the plans and coaching.

Website design

Personal and brand-oriented design

First of all I created a fitting logo to the already existing brand. As the nickname is FitnessApeAndy we agreed to included an ape in the logo to strengthen the brand recognition. Then I created the web design with the new logo and already existing color scheme (red and black). I emphasized on using personal photos to build trust and explain the niche of the personal trainer (calisthenics) in comparison to other niches. To put an even stronger personal touch on the website, I implemented an About Me section that explain the coach and his know-how. In addition to that I created a blog teaser to help users find useful content as well as the offered services which lead the user into the shop and the advantages of working with this amazing coach. I also included an Instagram grid to link the website with his Instagram profile. The designed theme contains also a customized blog archive, blog posts, shop overview and product pages.

Website Development

Divi Custom Theme Development

The website is developed with a Divi custom theme perfectly customized for the client and his needs. It contains custom page templates that contain all designed modules and pages. I also integrated WooCommerce to create a simple shop which offers different products (products can be edited anytime and new products can be added). This makes it possible to offer nutrition plans, workout plans and even a monthly personal coaching subscription. The built-in blog contains different categories to easily create new content on regular basis for users and a standard layout. Furthermore I created a call to action that offers a free piece of content (e.g. recipe e-book, workout plan) in exchange for the user’s email address. I linked the call to action with Mailchimp to build an audience and easily create regularly newsletters.

New pages, products and posts can be build with the user-friendly drag and drop page builder with custom blocks! Everything designed and developed for custom needs with own development version of the website to freely edit the content before pushing it to live (only in a custom support & hosting plan)! Sounds interesting for you? Then learn how I work!

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