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Professional & Affordable Web Designer

As affordable web designer I help small and midsize companies by creating affordable and professional websites that are easy to use and optimized to your goals.

While working for and with big web design agencies I realized that most of the websites are really expensive and too complex to use for the client. Many clients paid a lot of money for a website that didn’t even benefit their company. That’s why I created my own concept, which helps small and medium sized companies to get affordable websites that convert and are easy to use and manage. So content like texts and images can be edited easily without lacking in professionalism, SEO ranking, usability and conversion!







Affordable Web Design Service

As affordable and professional website designer I build websites that are optimized to your goals and smoothly integrates in your corporate identity. In addition your new website will be optimized on usability, responsiveness, pagespeed and conversions to reach your goals!

  • Optimized to your goals 100% 100%
  • Usability & Responsive 96% 96%
  • Pagespeed & SEO 94% 94%
  • Conversion-Optimization 92% 92%

5% of each project’s revenue will be donated to hungry children in need!

5% of each project’s revenue will be donated to hungry children in need!

I want to share a part of my revenue and help children, that do not have the luck to have food, education or work. Therefore I decided to share some of my revenue with children in poor regions and help them to survive. My donations will go to ShareTheMeal, who will feed one child for a whole day for only $0.50.

Keep that in mind, when negotiating for your project’s cost and let’s help together!

Project revenue

5% of Revenue



Project Discovery & Briefing

As e-commerce & corporate web designer I focus on strategy. All websites that I build are fully integrated in the corporate’s strategy and has a specific role to achieve your goals (e.g. generate new leads). To accomplish that, we will have a detailed (video)call about your company / brand and your project. Because websites without a specific goal are useless in most cases, we will talk about your business, your goals, your ideal buyer-persona and your customer-journey, to fully integrate the new website into this customer-journey. With that clearly set up, we can start to talk about the most-needed features and the structure the website should have. We will work on a sitemap and wireframes for the new website to create the best-possible structure for your new website.

What are wireframes?

A wireframe is a schematic or blueprint, that helps to set up the structure of the website and make the design process easier. With wireframes we structure the positioning of text, images, call-to-actions and other features. These are mostly black and white or other high-contrast colors and do not use the brand colors or other brand guidelines. During wireframing the focus is on the layout of the page and not the design! The right colors, fonts, images and other important brand styles will be included during the design phase after the wireframes are finished.


Responsive Design

After working out all needed features and the ideal structure of your new website, I will create the fully responsive design for it, including your brand colors, fonts and other brand guidelines (if existing).The website will be designed to look perfectly on all devices (desktop, notebook, tablet and mobiles). As I am an experienced website designer for WordPress I put a lot of emphasize on great conversion of websites. I accomplish that by integrating ideal call-to-actions, that I create with use of Neuro-Design! 

What means "responsive"?

Responsive web design means, that the website will be optimized for all different devices. These are desktop computers, tablets and mobile phones. Therefore the design will be created for those three different screen sizes and this helps develop a responsive website. Your website visitors will be able to visit your website with all devices!

What is "Neuro-Design"?

Neuro-Design is a young design discipline, which uses the findings of neuroscience, psychology, sociology and other human science to develop more efficient designs. “Efficient” in this case applies to reach that the user shows specific behaviour, that you want him to. Therefore Neuro-Design emphasizes the process of having high subconscious impact onto the website visitor.


Divi Custom Theme Development

Divi is a premium WordPress drag and drop page builder and makes many plugins obsolete. As Divi Theme expert with coding experience, I am developing your website with a custom Divi Child Theme customized to your needs. After your approval of the design, I will develop your own theme based on the design and including all approved features. Divi Theme is the most efficient and fastest way to develop amazing and converting websites and offers the best opportunities for unexperienced users to change content after the website is developed. No more abstract backend editing of content!


  • Fast & efficient development
  • Custom WordPress Child Theme
  • User-friendly frontend drag and drop builder
  • Connection to Google Analytics and Search Console

Why use Divi Page Builder?

  • No. 1 Theme Framework
  • fast & efficient development
  • user-friendly for future changes

As you can see in the example, it is amazingly simple to change any headline, text or image on the website, as you are able to change it with the user-friendly frontend drag and drop page builder. If needed I can create custom blocks, so you are able to create new pages or posts with ease!


SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

As I am also a seo web designer, I think in todays time it is absolutely necessary to optimize websites for search engines, especially for Google. As almost everything is googled now and if you want to rank and be displayed on the first page for the right keywords, you have to optimize your website for it. I also think, that the time for blogs is over and high quality content will be the future. Blogs are only pouring content over content over content with mostly short or mid-length texts and not always helpful content at all, as the user has to read many different blog posts to find the tip he is looking for. With high performing content pages, you create a lot of content for one holistic topic and rank for a lot of keywords instead of stuff a small blogpost with 1-2 keywords and make it almost unreadable. And what is the most important factor for websites nowadays? It is the user! If the content is not helping any real human, the content is not valuable and Google is able to value good content today! Therefore I work with good partners, that also follow the same principles and we can provide great SEO strategies and content for you, to help you pass your competitors and reach Rank 1 on Google!


  • SEO Content Strategy
  • Keyword Research
  • Content creation
  • On-page SEO optimization

Support & Hosting

Fast page load times are crucial for users and search engines. About 40% of users leave websites if they are loading too slow. This means, that slow websites will lose you potential clients or leads. Therefore rather optimize your website with fast, but affordable web hosting! I offer web hosting for every website, that I create. As important as fast loading times is that the website is updated constantly to prevent any security issues and include server-side and on-page security. This can be included in custom maintenance plans with me and I will take care of your website!


  • Fast & affordable hosting
  • Pagespeed optimization with CDN (Content Delivery Network)
  • Custom Support & Security plans

Conversion Optimization Plan

In my opinion it is not done with creating and launching a website. It is just as important to optimize the website after launch. I offer custom conversion optimization plans which include A/B-Testing to find the best design solution for your target audience. In addition to that I work with Hotjar to create heatmaps, which track visitor’s sessions and how far into the website they scrolled, which buttons they clicked and which lead generators (e.g. contact forms) they used or didn’t use. With this information it is possible to optimize the website for your target audience and increase conversions constantly!


  • A/B-Testing
  • Heatmaps
  • Design optimization
What is A/B-Testing?

When creating A/B-Tests, you create two different designs for the same section of the website. For example a button. If you are unsure which type of button works better for your target audience, we can create two types of buttons (e.g. one rounded and one squared). Now when users visit the website one button will be shown to 50% of the visitors and the other button will be shown to the other 50% of the visitors. After a set period of time (at least 2-3 weeks) you can look at the report and see which button was clicked more often and performed better. This button can now be set for the future for all visitors and conversions should increase!

What are conversions?

Conversions are interactions of the website visitor. These interactions can be different regarding art and goal of the website. On business websites these are mostly filling and sending the contact form or optin to a newsletter. On online shops conversions would be sales. Conversion optimization therefore means, to optimize the website structure and design, that more visitors are interacting with the website. So for example more users will use the contact form of the website or buy more products.

Want to work with me?

Hire A Web Designer that cares about your goals and creates your custom website optimized to your needs!


You already have a developer or a finished website design?

If you already have a finished website design and are looking for a freelance website developer, you can send a request for the development only, of course! The same applies if you already have a developer that is going to develop the website. Then you can send a request as well and we will talk about your project in detail. As I have a lot of experience from working in webdesign agencies, I know the workflow of designers and developers and can do an optimal hand-over to the developer.